Gloria English School (GES) is one of the largest and most reputable English schools in Taiwan. Founded in 1978, Gloria has been a leader in the English language education industry for almost 40 years. We employ over 550 staff members and have 18 branches throughout Taoyuan City. Gloria is continuously expanding to create educational opportunities for children and the youth of Taiwan. Gloria provides supplemental English education classes to students in grades pre-K to 12. We have a fully developed curriculum that integrates games, songs, drama, and gestures. At Gloria English School, learning is fun!


        Gloria is not a regular elementary school; rather, Gloria is a bushiban or a cram school. We operate in the afternoons and evenings. Due to the increasing importance of the English language in the international arena, many parents send their children to Gloria to get a head start in their English education. In addition, Gloria has maintained a long relationship with many local high schools and Taiwanese companies by providing our teachers to instruct and train their students and staffs. It is important to note that Gloria is a bushiban that is specifically devoted to the teaching of English as a second language. While other cram schools teach a variety of subjects, Gloria is 100% focused on providing the best English language learning environment possible.


        The success of Gloria has been based on several factors: a strong curriculum, a talented teaching faculty, innovation, and perseverance. Gloria offers all our new teachers a comprehensive training program and provides ongoing teaching support. We offer our students a wide variety of classes that are tailored to suit all facets of their English language development. Classes focus on conversation ability, reading comprehension, composition writing, grammar, and audio-lingual skills. Teachers have access to a wide assortment of resources that aid them in their lessons.


        The majority of our classes are taught by both a foreign teacher and a native Taiwanese teacher. Each class meets twice a week for two hours at a time. Foreign teachers meet with each class once a week and are assisted by a Taiwanese co-teacher. On the second class of the week, the Taiwanese teachers teach alone. Since all classes are taught in English, knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is not necessary.


        Gloria has always operated under the belief that learning English should be fun, creative, easy, and exciting. The atmosphere at Gloria is encouragement, enthusiasm, and energy. We believe that students who are excited and passionate about the study of English learn best. Here at Gloria, our staff and teachers aspire to stimulate our students' passion to learn!