To build up Taiwanese childrens English proficiency based on listening, speaking, reading, and writing We follow the natural principle of human beings picking up a mother language: first developing good listening and speaking abilities, then gradually increasing the emphasis on reading and writing abilities. Teachers are encouraged to use different interfaces such as flashcards, props, games, activities, role-playing, songs, etc. to reinforce the material taught.



     We provide an extensive training program to teachers before they begin teaching their own classes at Gloria. In addition to the regular training program, there are also ongoing supplementary workshops and seminars available throughout the year on specific topics. Foreign teachers are required to complete 40 hours of training (a combination of practical teaching workshops and classroom observation) and native Taiwanese teachers are required to complete 95 hours of training. To ensure each teacher provides excellent teaching performance, there are teaching directors and consultants available to provide immediate help and supervision when necessary.


Regular Classes

        There are 3 kinds of regular classes at Gloria – kindergarten classes, children classes and advanced youth classes. For each type of classes, we divide the learning programs into progressive levels, and there are set materials for each of the levels. For the younger levels, there is a main textbook, a Phonics book, a free-talk book (in which students will be required to write down and memorize a new sentence each week), and a reader. Flashcards (A-Z cards, fruits, animals, colors etc.), songs and gesture sets are also introduced at the younger levels. The more advanced classes might include additional textbooks, as well as diary/essay writing, pop songs, newspaper reading etc. Class time goes by unbelievably quickly, as each hour is filled with a mixture of review and new material, reading, writing, songs, exercises, games and activities.


Specialized Classes

        Besides regular classes, Gloria also provides extra learning opportunities for students who seek more challenging courses to meet their special needs such as Story Classes, One on One Classes, Reading Classes, Writing Classes, GEPT (General English Proficiency Test) Preparation Classes, Summer Camps, etc.


Free Electives

        The elective courses are designed to provide Gloria students with additional opportunities to sharpen their English ability in various aspects. The English Chat Room provides a pressure-free environment to help students gain confidence in speaking and conversation. Spelling Thru Phonics is another popular course for students to learn spelling in a fun and easy way. There is also a Grammar Course, a K.K. Phonetics Course, and several other elective courses available for students to enjoy the fun of learning. Most important of all, these classes are totally FREE!