English Proficiency Competition

        The objective of this event is to stimulate student interest in learning English and to improve the listening, reading and writing ability of Gloria students. Also, the format of the competition closely resembles the formal General English Proficiency Test sponsored by the Taiwanese government. Students participating in this competition get to have a good practice before they take the official test.


Summer Camps

         Encompassing a variety of interesting and fun topics, summer camps provide students with a different and unique English language environment in which to improve their English skills and enrich their summer vacations. While retaining the all-English learning environment, Gloria’s summer camps remove the pressure from homework and texts, and allow students to enjoy learning English and western culture in a relaxed, upbeat setting. During the camps, students are exposed to western culture, food, sports, holidays, lifestyles, and other cultural phenomena. As always, the focus is on students HAVING FUN learning English!


Halloween Activity

        Gloria’s students look forward to the Halloween holiday with the same sense of excitement and anticipation as kids do back home in North America. For the Halloween week all of the Gloria branch schools are festooned with Halloween decorations such as spider webs, bats and Jack-O-Lanterns. Students and teachers alike dress up in masks and costumes, have a Halloween party in their classes with various games and activities like pumpkin carving, telling ghost stories and bobbing for apples. Finally, the students go trick-or-treating to other classrooms down the hall and even to local businesses! It’s time of spooky good fun and a treat for both students and teachers alike!


Christmas Activity

        Christmas week is another special time of the year at Gloria English schools. As the largest holiday in North America, Gloria takes special care to bring the holiday spirit to our classes here in Taiwan. Every school has a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and with presents clustered below. In addition, Christmas carols are taught and sung. Christmas stories are read and games are played. Students are encouraged to be joyful, charitable, generous, kind, and forgiving.