Gloria’s primary objectives are to provide students with an excellent foundation in English language ability and to foster students’ long-term interest in learning the English language. To achieve our goals, innovation has become Gloria’s motto. Gloria’s teachers and the administrative staff strive to provide a student-oriented learning environment that continually inspires, motivates and challenges students to learn.


        90 percent of the Taiwanese teachers at Gloria have bachelor degrees majoring in English while all of our foreign teachers also have bachelor degrees. Through their enthusiasm, passion, patience and devotion to their craft, our teachers have created a comfortable and entertaining learning environment for students to become fluent in a second language. Our teachers’ innovative teaching methods make students at Gloria look forward to coming to a classroom environment where they can have fun and learn with confidence.


        Gloria has a strong, competent administrative team to recruit students and recruitment is in effect throughout the entire year. Teachers at Gloria never have to worry about not getting enough teaching hours: Since there are no distinct “semesters” at Gloria, new classes are arranged on a continual basis throughout the year.


        There is also an effective managerial team to collaborate with and support our teachers. The teaching directors and consultants are always available to offer immediate assistance and guidance in teaching matters – everything from lesson planning, explaining course material, ideas for games, songs and activities, or any other issues related to maximizing classroom performance.


        Gloria demonstrates its commitment to innovation by continually developing unique supplementary programs. Various complimentary courses such as “English Chat Room”, “Grammar Sharpener”, “Spelling thru Phonics”, “English Summer Camps”, etc. are available for students to enhance their learning.


        Because of the outstanding high quality of our faculty and staff, Gloria now carries the best brand-name of cram schools in the Taoyuan City area. Our schools have an impeccable reputation for both teaching excellence and student scholarship. Moreover, Gloria refuses to rest on its laurels. Our school system enjoys its peerless reputation through its dedication to continually improving its services, its staff and its methods. Over 550 valuable employees’ devotion to creative ideas in teaching students and managing branch schools help make Gloria a better place every day!