In addition to a rewarding teaching experience at Gloria, you will find life in Taoyuan City exciting and adventurous. Situated in northern Taiwan, Taoyuan is just 35 minutes away from the modern metropolis of Taipei by bus. Taoyuan is a perfect fusion of modernity and tradition -- a blend of both urban and rural sceneries and lifestyles. Taoyuan City is bustling with restaurants, coffee shops, department stores, karaoke bars, street vendors, parks, and rice paddy fields! The local mountains are located just a few minutes away for a quick morning hike and beaches are less than an hour away!


        The cost of living in Taoyuan is considerably cheaper in comparison to Taipei, yet it is conveniently situated just south of the capital city! You can immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture, learn Mandarin, and experience an exciting lifestyle-- all in Taoyuan!


        The quality of life in Taiwan is quite good. The food is fantastic. Taiwan boasts a vibrant urban culture, as you'd expect, but the island also contains jungles, mountains, waterfalls, beaches and an amazing variety of plant and animal life. It's great to be able to jump on a scooter, and five minutes later be winding through the local hills and forests. It's also nice to be able to jump on a train and 30 minutes later be in the middle of the thriving metropolis of Taipei, with its cultural attractions, shopping, entertainment and other draws. Taiwan itself is also conveniently located right in the center of southeast Asia. A short, relatively cheap plane ride takes you to China, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Bali, etc. and the chance to experience those amazing cultures as well.


        The ex-pat community is very close and the locals are extremely welcoming and friendly. Most teachers are able to pick up some basic Chinese language skills quite quickly and the language barrier never seems to cause many problems. Besides, most Taiwanese are all too happy to try their English skills on any willing ear!


        Most of the teachers at Gloria have found their life in Taiwan to be fun, fulfilling, lucrative and memorable. We’re sure you will, too! To discover more about Taiwan, please visit the official Taiwan Tourism site: